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7 thoughts on “About

  1. I feel so sad and alone! My life has been so un-happy! I wish I could feel love and appreciation. I try so hard to reach out to other but the outcome is always the same. I wish someone would love me, just for me…


    1. Helen, thanks for sharing, don’t settle for less. Love your self, everyone is unique in their own way. No one is perfect, your a child of God. Draw close and let God know your desires of your heart. Persevere, life isn’t always fair. Be kind to yourself.


    2. I know just how you feel. It’s like you read my mind. What is so strange I have a blog I keep trying to do, but depression takes over. The strange thing is I clicked on by mistake and I ended up right here reading what I’m feeling. Your not alone feel free to e mamail

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  2. JL, Hi! Thanks for liking my post this morning. I’m looking for more exposure, so if at some points you feel it’s worthy, I’d love to be added to your blog’s I follow list.. Blessings. Jim


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