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One of many Gods beautiful amazing creations.

A November morning during hunting season, we got up my spouse and I, and put on our winter cloths. We wanted to make it to the hunting site by the crack of day light. We loaded up our guns. I had a modified 300 Savage rifle. The stock was cut off just right to fit my arm. It had a recoil pad on the butt of the rifle. A nice Leupold scope, and a strap attached. This was one of my favorite rifles.

We drove up towards the mountains to the woods and parked our vehicle. We got out and proceeded to walk a little ways down to an old logging road. As we kept walking, the road inclined and we started to get into some clear cuts and we were able to view other mountain ridges near us. It was beatiful. As we climbed in elevation, the air was getting thinner and it felt colder. I remember the tips of my toes, fingers and ears being cold even though I dressed warm.

When we would go hunting, it would usually be an all day event unless we got lucky and we’re able to get something right away. I had a new sense of appreciation after spending all day out hunting. After walking all day, hiking up hills, down trails, hungry,cold, and tired. It felt like heaven to finally get home and warm up, and enjoying some homemade fried potatoes with onions and deer steak.

Although, we did not Champion that day on getting a deer,”settled for tag soup” we definitely saw some wild life and it was an adventure I will always remember. We saw a black Bear and her two cubs (a sow) going up the Mountain Ridge near us.

However, the most unique wild animal we saw that day was a Cougar.We were walking up the logging road, walking upwards, and came upon a big Cougar. It was only about 10 to 15 yards away from us, if that, it was very close. We froze looking into the eyes of this big Cougar Cat. As it was looking at us as well. I noticed a tracking device around his neck, so this Cat was caught before by the Game and Wildlife organization. We had a good look at this beatiful Cougar Cat. The Cougar ended up turning and fleeing from us. We had our guns thank God, just in case. In the Northwest especially walking in the woods you should always be prepared. You never know what wildlife you’ll run into, or how these wild animals will react. I am glad we did not have to shoot it protecting ourselves. Close up I could not believe how large these animals are, just like Elk seeing them close up. This Cougar Cat was big,huge.


Don’t worry about what’s  right

Be territorial and put up a fight

Nevermind about others as long as your set up just right

Be territorial and put up that fight

Take and don’t be taken by others

How much is it worth , how far will you go to just take that territory that has not been rightfully yours.

Will you kill, will you steal to just have it all yours. Just because it contains gold.

You don’t like my home, so you just want to make it your own.

No comprimises,  no surprises, but  plenty of despises.

This land is your land this land is mine.


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  1. Share a story; why not on this site. What tales or stories do you have? Write it in comment section leaving a reply at the bottom of any page. Your email will not show.


  2. Profound thoughts ; nine months transition into the next epic of my career. Mental testing and educational. An apprenticeship of sorts. Not a dicision on my own .Who and why I can’t defulge, there are pro’s and there are con’s. I have my allies and those who oppose me. I will state this ; Whoever is responsible, Thank you ! My past is yours, the future is mine. I will not dwell on it , or mourn my accomplishments, they are now in someone else’s hands. I hope they are not too complex for you to fiqure out. I leave my followers all my hats. If you can fill only one of them, wear this one ; It is the biggest of all, It is void of deceit and ego. Put it on and then look in the mirror. If you are not honest with yourself and others it will make you look ugly. If you are an honorable person it will make you attractive. To the past I bid farewell , and good tidings. To my new comrads, I say this ; I appreciate all of you for your acceptance and guiding me along this path.


  3. Above picture is Larry with the big fish. He is quite The Fisherman, and I have been able to see quite a few of his videos on fb. Larry is one of my childhood friends I grew up with, and he has always been a good guy.


  4. A FIsh story:

    Author Unknown

    Now it came to pass that a group existed who called themselves fishermen.

    And, lo, there were many fish in the waters all around. In fact, the whole area was surrounded by streams and lakes filled with fish, and the fish were hungry. Week after week, month after month, and year after year, those who called themselves fishermen met in meetings and talked about their call to go fishing.

    Continually they searched for new and better methods of fishing and for new and better definitions of fishing. They sponsored costly nationwide and worldwide congresses to discuss fishing and hear about all the ways of fishing, such as the new fishing equipment, fish calls and whether any new bait was discovered.

    These fishermen built large and beautiful buildings called Fishing Headquarters. The plea was that everyone should be a fisherman and every fisherman should fish. One thing they didn’t do; however, they didn’t fish.

    All the fishermen seemed to agree that what is needed is a board which could challenge fishermen to be faithful in fishing.

    The board was formed by those who had the great vision and courage to speak about fishing, to define fishing, and to promote the idea of fishing in far-away streams and lakes where many other fish of different colors lived.

    Large, elaborate and expensive training centers were built whose purpose was to teach fishermen how to fish. Those who taught had doctorates in fishology. But the teachers did not fish. They only taught fishing.

    Some spent much study and travel to learn the history of fishing and to see far away places where the founding fathers did great fishing in centuries past. They lauded the faithful fishermen of years before who handed down the idea of fishing.

    Many who felt the call to be fishermen responded. They were commissioned and sent to fish. And they went off to foreign lands … to teach fishing.

    Now it’s true that many of the fishermen sacrificed and put up with all kinds of difficulties. Some lived near the water and bore the smell of dead fish every day. They received the ridicule of some who made fun of their fishermen clubs.

    They anguished over those who were not committed enough to attend the weekly meetings to talk about fishing. After all, were they not following the Master who said, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men?” Imagine how hurt some were when one day a person suggested that those who don’t catch fish were really not fishermen, no matter how much they claimed to be.

    Yet it did sound correct. Is a person a fisherman if year after year he never catches a fish? Is one following if he isn’t fishing?

    If Christ were to return to this Earth today in physical form, would He find us fishing, in obedience to Him, or would he find us organizing, talking about fishing, and making plans to be the best Fishing Headquarters anywhere?



    One theory that comes to mind about big foot is that it could possibly be Cain from the bible.
    Think about it, have you ever heard of a Ms. big Foot sited with a big foot?
    In Genesis 4:12-16- it states When thou tillest the ground, it shall not henceforth yield unto thee her strength: a fugitive and vagabond in the earth; shall I be hid; and I shall be a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth.
    And Cain said unto the Lord, My punishment is greater than I can bear.

    Behold, thou hast driven me out this day from the face of the earth; and from the face shall I be hid; and I shall be a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth; and it shall come to pass, that every one that findeth me shall slay me.
    And the Lord said unto him, therefore whosoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him seven fold. And the Lord set a mark upon Cain, lest any finding him should kill him.
    And Cain went out from the presence of the Lord, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the East of Eden.
    As you read along in the rest of Genesis Ch.4 and Ch. 5, it does not say when Cain dies like the rest of the descendants from Adam, and even in Ch. 4, where it talks about Cain’s descendants.
    Just a thought, Cain could still be a fugitive and/or vagabond, and living all these years could be his punishment. God could be hiding him, men were a lot bigger back in those days, and the hair all over his body could be his protection.


  6. For many years I lived in a couple of different cities none of which are the the little town I grew up in. I went on hundreds of hunting and fishing trips, trips in several different states and enjoyed every one of them. Mean while back in my little home town my nephew’s were not following the family traditions of hunting and fishing why you asked,well it was the first thing I asked. The answer took me back, well it never crossed my mind. I guess my sister grew up in the same household so I just assumed my sis would get these guys with the many other family members in town that have that same tradition. One unfortunate truth of our changing world is that many of the old traditions are no longer practiced, and that included in our family anyway, the loss of the close family ties we once had. So my two nephew’s suffered with never going on a real fishing trip or ever shooting a weapon at all, in practice or hunting.

    Andrew was all ready a young man of 21 with a job and girlfriend, so even though he is a good guy he does not have much time for much else, but is applicable to check it out someday. But Josh at the age of 15 was ready and eager to learn. So as soon as the weather of spring broke we hit the river and that summer Josh caught more trout than I could count, some over 2 pounds and a couple very nice salmon. We did not hunt that year, and of course our crew was very dissatisfied but there just was not the same access to hunting land. So we enjoyed another good fishing summer the next year and hoped for salvation to our problem. It came a month and a half before hunting season, in the word of mouth way, a local resource for.pany was offering a key to some of my childhood hunting grounds, for a fee of course. Now I consider myself to still be a youngster at 45 but growing pains keep me from doing all the hiking I did when I was a wee younger so I had to change my hunting style alittle. I was very fortunate in that my grandfather and father were hound dog hunters and everyone on that side of the family hunted and fished in some way or another, so I was taught many hunting techniques for many types of animals and fish. So new strategy experience told me that the days when it’s raining or storming the most, are the days I can drive slowly and catch multiple deer in the road or side of it, all we have to do is be diligent in keeping a sharp eye out for them. So several target practices with a rifle the first day was upon us and Josh was more excited than I had ever seen him, especially since he was first in the shooter seat. The first day was a very stormy one and we were sitting in a clear cut waiting for day light, and saw 6 deer just as day light crested, but they were gone in a blink. 23 minutes later I spotted a deer standing on a hill about 60 feet off the road,feeding broadside to us. You could clearly see spikes as tall as his ears, which told me he was probably 3 year old and should be a two point. Josh lined up his shot and aimed, got a better hold and aimed again, and after what seemed like forever fired missing the deer by a mile, as to add insult to injury the buck stood there in the same position but now looking at us, just long enough for Josh to chamber another round, but when the barrel came up to fire the buck was no longer there. Never was a young man as hard on himself seconds from tears he begged for forgiveness. All I could do was smile and Pat him on the shoulder while mimicking what my dad had said to me more than once as a boy, everyone misses boy just do better next time. Myself I am still a great shot but that comes with experience, my practice shooting as a kid my dad was always so proud about, I could come from crouch to standing and hit a running deer or elk square, but my practice was because I was an animal lover and I don’t very much enjoy the killing part as much as the whole experience in general. And don’t get me wrong I love deer and elk steak and now about natural selection and all that I just prefer to not let the animal suffer anymore than necessary. So I am always telling him middle of body right behind front shoulder because a head shot just was not going to happen for this kid, so I figured at least this way I could quickly back up with a head shot but he would get full credit.

    That first day was great and Josh shot at a very nice 3 point and two more spikes that day cleanly Missing all of them, my dad had told me buck fever stories, about guys that freeze or shoot after the buck is long gone, but this is the first time I saw such things. The next day it was a nicer day and we saw 5 for all day and poor Josh was ready to call it quits, and I was not at all sure how to proceed without​ turning him off of hunting forever. The next two days were even nicer and Josh had school, and sat around went home with his head hung low, boy did I feel like a jerk thinking if only I would have target practiced more or something he wouldn’t be feeling this way. The third morning I got up just after Josh left for school and looked outside sheeting rain blowing sideways in biting strong winds, something in my head said this is your chance. I quickly got dressed and had my sister call the school,20 minutes later a surprised Josh and I were moving up those familiar roads. We hunted for 15 minutes when a familiar form stepped into the road, with spikes as tall as his ears was the very same buck Josh first shot at the first day. He crossed the road broadside in no hurry, crossed the ditch into a small grass patch beside the road bordering the forest, Josh following his progress the whole way with the sights of a Springfield 30.06. the buck stopped to feed on the grass and I realized that again my nephew was froze up, I said in just loud enough for him to hear voice I said “Josh shoot”,it seemed to do the trick, because he did. Well he didn’t exactly hit where he should have but it was good enough the buck laid down right there, and I was able to end it’s suffering quickly. As you can imagine never was a young man so proud,20 minutes passed before he calmed down enough to get to cleaning his deer as per instructions he first removed the reproductive and promptly gave them a casual fling over his shoulder and continued to his task. It wasn’t until we loaded the buck in the car that we noticed that the reproductive organs of the buck had wrapped themselves around a low hanging tree limb and we’re now proudly displayed for everyone to see, Josh looked at me with a goofy grin and said”should we take them down”. “Be my guest was my reply”, he glanced back at the tree then back at me and said “naw I’ll leave them for everyone to enjoy”. All I could do is laugh and head home, and we were up there a week ago target practiceing and shrivelled small but still in the same limb. Lol

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  7. .THIS DEBATE ON GUNS AND AMMO….I pledge allegiance to the united states of america… Did anyone else take this pledge ? Yes, more needs to be done to keep guns out of the wrong hands. It starts with you ! Not all persons should posses them. EVEN LAW ABIDING CITIZENS !!! A responsible gun owner will understand and respect the devastation that results when discharging firearms. They will secure them and keep them from falling into children’s hands or those who may use them for ill intent. You will be well trained in the proper operation and mentally sound enough to use sound judgement before you draw and aim at any target. GUN OWNERSHIP IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. Whether you are just scared of them, or you never had one, or you have been victim to a tragic result from a horrific crime, Outlawing them will not solve crime and murder. Your kitchen utensil, baseball bat, or a rock, and sharp stick will kill. A well armed and trained militia is a defense against government takeover, a well trained armed citizen is security to protect innocent bystanders, loved ones, and neighbor’s from loss of life and property. IF YOU DO NOT FIT THIS CATEGORY, please do not posses a gun ! PLEASE DO NOT DEPRIVE Me. I wore a uniform for you, I’m alive and whole, some are less fortunate. We love this country and fought for our freedom. WE PLEDGED AN ALLEGIANCE !!!


  8. Motivation
    “Motivation is the spark that lights the fire of knowledge and fuels the engine of accomplishment. It maximizes and maintains MOMENTUM.
    Motivation Maximizes and Maintains Momentum.
    Without momentum, good companies (and people) struggle and don’t do as well as they should.
    With momentum, average companies (and people) do far better than they should.
    Add motivation to the equation and average becomes good, good becomes better, and better becomes best.
    Motivation is a choice. It doesn’t demand intelligence. No formal education is required. It is available to everyone.
    You are Born To Win, so go ahead and
    Live To win
    “The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the soul”


  9. I’ve watched my forests get raped, my streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans polluted. The air I breath choked by poisness gases. From the first breath I took, I trusted my elders to protect me. I was taught not to litter. It wasn’t about who ruled the earth. I’ve lived through a few great and some not so good leaders. Regardless, I respected it. And the Democratic process. There will always be contreversey and debate. This is where I stand: If you can’t respect Earth and toss your garbage for someone else to dispose of, You are trash. If you can not support yourself, you are reliant on someone else, be grateful others give for your welfare. You worry about free health care, I worry how to pay for it. You claim prejudice, I claim Naturalist. Stop your silly squabbles and start being proactive.. Come on people now, can’t you love one another right now. ? ❤✌🙏❤😍🤓😎


  10. The Prowler:

    Looking up, the night was clear the stars visible appearing in the sky with vibrant beauty. The half moon radiating with some light in the night. The smell of the fresh forest that surrounds the area and numerous trails with one that leads to a lake with homes set up around to a beautiful spring fed lake. Cat tails growing around, fish jumping, and docks that have been built that come out onto the lake.

    Having walked around in a mile radius already from the habitat that the big Cougar came from. The hungry hunter prowling around in the night looking to satisfy his needs with his blood thirsty appetite for meat and needed nutrition for survival in this rural untouched area of this forestry.

    The Cougar came upon some homes. With gleam in his yellowy cat eyes he spotted chickens running around a yard. Watching with strategy, he sits and patiently watches,waiting, plotting to kill these poor defenseless birds and the need to feed.

    With his speed and sharp pointed strong teeth, this pray is no match for him. “The circle of life where the strong survive in the ruggedness of the wilderness,”. A wild cat in the habitats of the great Northwest. Hypnotized and engaged in their activities not taking his eyes off his dinner. No worries of danger for himself; just a killer in the night under the moonlight after midnight in the twilight.

    Timing it just right the wild cat slowly and quietly approached his game of Hens.” Chicken delight” he’s thinking will be good tonight. Just then he makes his moves and before the hens knew what hit them he pounced on one, then two. Chickens frantically clucking loudly, and trying to run with fear couldn’t flee fast enough to escape this fatal final days of their lives. A total of seven chickens in a single night.

    The homeowner woke up to see that her chickens were killed by this viciously, merciless wild creature of the night and was devastated. Called to inform the Game and Wildlife Association, and being it was my mother’s neighbor warned her of this big Cougar cat who will more than likely come back, and to not let her domestic cats and my nephew’s little dog out.

    Now she will be watching for this hungry killer of the night, and try to defend her livestock from the sharp claws and teeth of this wild critter who stocks the night and homes for unprotected pray. Will this creature be caught, hunted, or shot by the homeowner protecting her livestock’s? Are these creatures in the night a protective species in this area? However, on ones property I believe it’s allowed for your protection and securing your personal property to shoot this big Cougar cat, a natural hunter by nature.


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