Good & bad impressions:

What kind of impressions will I leave behind;
an important role I must present for an important appointment that I can’t mess up.

An upcoming event that will put me in that special spot I been waiting to be at for a long time.

I must say and do everything just right and be in the spotlight. I have to try one more time, and hopefully be the one they choose doing this special interview. What have I got to loose, but I have everything to gain if I can make a good impression.

A side from this, I think of a couple good friends that i had and still have and how they left a good impression on my heart.

I often think of you my friend, and the impressions you left on my heart and soul, It is with out a doubt that I am lucky to have had the privilege of knowing you. Your a true friend who has cared about me and shown it in many ways. Although, we departed from each other our souls will always be connected. People come and go into our lives in different ways, leaving an impression upon us and it changes us forever, never leaving us in the same way. ❤👣

There are also people that have crossed our paths leaving a negative impression, causing some sort of discomfort or pain. This forever can change us too, but how we deal with it and/or recover from it determines the outcome.



Most of the time in my life I feel adrift; just floating through the momentum of time. Today was like an emotional rollercoaster.

I thought for sure I had this job in the bag, and I got the notification that they gave it to someone else. Here I go again; mad and sad at the same time. 😥

I even was told by one of the interviewers that she couldn’t wait to get to know me. Now that sounded promising. What a slap in the face.

I wanted to just quit everything; I emailed the HR person from the department where I am supposed to have another interview. I asked if they could give me any information, basically if they have someone in mind, and what my chances for the position is. I am tired of wasting my time, and going through this. I found out that I was chosen out of 176 applicant’s so I should be proud of that, but the down fall is after that. I have to stand out best among the ones they have chosen, it’s crazy.

Furthermore, I received another notice of another interview offer. This one would be a promotion, and well worth having.

I also inquired about more schooling, and some assistance with it, but my mind is going in circles. The only reason I am doing these two interviews is because I applied for them prior before I decided that I did not want to go on anymore interviews, I could hold a record. Very tired, and discouraged of this whole hiring process and all the competition I have to deal with.
You would bitch too, if you were playing a repetitive role over and over and over again, and again expecting a different outcome, but the results ending up the same each time. Uh!

Two more times to put myself through this, then if I don’t get good results I am done, and will take up a different avenue for a while, and refocus on other things, and get off this rollercoaster ride. Done!!!!!!!!! I’ll just go adrift through my life.


A Penny For Your Thoughts:

A shiny new penny I see on the ground I pick it up for luck.

Angels from above are watching over me.

A penny is a reminder that Angels are around watching over us.

Unlike us anchored, earthbound; Angles roam, are unmoored and fly from heaven to earth. Presently they are all around us everyday.

Protecting us, and sometimes have interviened during perilous moment’s.

If you see a penny, pick it up and all day long you will have goods luck.

A penny with the tails side up should be turned over for another person to find. On the other hand, many people believe any penny you find is good luck. You may hear people repeat a common rhyme to this effect: “Find a penny, pick it up. All day long, you’ll have good luck.”


We all descend eventually:

When we die, don’t forget to say, “Lord I descend my spirit into your hands”

How glorious when that day comes, we all live and die.

It is supposed to be all good, so why are we afraid. It must be of the unknown.

Of course we do not want to die a torturous death, no one does. We want it to be quick and not painful.

If this life is meant for the sole purpose of deciding ,then and if we make it to heaven and it suppose to be so much better, how come most people struggle and fight so much?

That question is just thrown out into the universe.

It’s just what we have been told is our course, we won’t truly know all the answers until the end.

English Standard Version
And John bore witness: “I saw the Spirit descend from heaven like a dove, and it remained on him.


Know them by their actions; The good, the bad & the ugly: 

People who commit crimes with a lot of money or power, and can spend a lot of money on defense attorneys; it usually end up turning into a big farce, and sick entertainment. It’s truly a shame for the victims who are involved and their families when this occurs.

Too many times we have all witnessed this. I don’t have to name names. It’s not the fake news and lack of factual information being talked about recently that I am talking about, it is the ones that have actually committed heinous crimes like murder or responsible for others to loose their lives when it could of been prevented. I think it comes down to not giving a crap about the good of the whole picture or situation as long as whom ever involved gets what they are wanting to achieve whether it’s getting away with murder or destroying someone’s agenda to try and do good.

The manipulation of it all; and how far it can go. What a sham. I guess what it comes down to, and nothing new is that it is all about power and money. Sad, sad, sad….

Although, there are a lot of good people in the world that actually do good, there will never be world peace, there are too many people with different opinions.

That’s why we have laws, but when the laws are broken and people because of who they happen to be are able to get away with it, where others wouldn’t, it becomes a very broken society.

Organized crime; people in the mafia , gangs have grown up this way and that’s all they know. Others fight and force their beliefs on other’s, and kill over it. Corrupters, manipulator’s, but out for there own agenda. So many like Jim Jones, Charles Manson, and some not so conspicuous. There, I did name a couple names.

The best way to really see where someone stands is there actions, actions speak louder then words. Not only just what’s being reported and can be based on unreliable sources, but actual factual evidence. Seems these days you really can’t get straight facts, what a farce, how ludicrous. It’s becoming more like entertainment than anything else. Shame on them that continue with this mockery.

God help us, and help those who don’t see the error of their ways. especially if it affects a myriad of people and nation’s.

Matthew 12:33-37; Luke 6:43-45)

15Beware of false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16By their fruit you will recognize them. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?17Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. 19Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20So then, by their fruit you will recognize them.

21Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of My Father in heaven. 22Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’23Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you workers of lawlessness.’


Into the river below: via Daily-prompts Precipice:

Back in my younger years there was a precipice edge people would stand on and jump into the deep section of the river below. It was too steep for me, but I liked watching others who were bold enough to do it. I never witnessed any one getting hurt, thank goodness! If someone were to loose their footing or jump wrong; it definitely could of resulted in that. I was satisfied with just swimming in the deep swimming hole below on warm summer days. I also liked floating down the river either with an inner tube or without was better. I would just lean back and let the river float me down stream. I have not did that in years, but remember how fun it was.


Do you see what I see:

Is my green really your blue?
We are taught colors from the time we are young by others pointing to a color and saying what it is. How can we be so sure that our color perceptions are the same?

I don’t think scientists have proven beyond a doubt that this is so.

New research has led scientists to believe that may be true. In particular, people may not see all the same colors when they look at the same things. These scientists believe that color perception may not be predetermined like many have believed for hundreds of years.

I know when I see newly green grass growing in the spring, it’s bright and beautiful, and all the different colors of flowers seem to flow together.

I wonder if I saw grass as blue, and red roses as my purple and that is what I was used to if this would change me or my moods in some way. If blue Sky’s were more turquoise or red for that matter, makes you wonder and question if we all see the same thing, if we’re all collaborated in that way. I am not sure if the Bible even mentions if we all see the same colors.

In the beginning God created the heavens and earth, and we are created after his image, there is no qualm about that unless you are an atheist or agnostic.

I never searched or read anything along those lines that answers that question about if we all have the same color perceptions. Personally, I like the colors I see. I kind of believe we all see color the same, but it makes you wonder.


Help the Hopeless

The women with the grocery cart:

A lady I have seen pushing a grocery cart around the city where I used to work, eats at McDonald’s every day. She is small, and thin and wears a big hippie type hat, blue faded jeans.

A transient you would guess by looking at her, but no one knows what her history is or if she is homeless, at least I don’t. I don’t know if she was someone’s mother or not, but she is a child of God, like everyone else.

One day my children and I saw her pushing her grocery cart.

Curious about this women, but never had any conversations with her. That day I gave her some money, not a lot, what I had on me. I have done this periodically when my heart feels to show some hospitality for those in need. I know some just want booze, and some just don’t want to work, but some have no other means to support themselves.

Be hospitable for those in need, even if it’s just being nice.

Show love and edify each other when it’s in your hands to do so, and help others when you can. I feel this is everyone’s calling.

To all the mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day!! 😊


It’s Final:

I would like to finally stop seeking a different job, I been on so many interviews I could make a career out of just doing that. I have one coming up this week, and I hope this is the final one for a long while, whatever the outcome happens to be. I need a break, I have had it, and that’s final. It would be nice to finally get that change I have been waiting for.

This will determine my decision in furthering my education.


Two little mice stuck in a maze: 

Two little mice stuck in a maze, running around chasing each other’s tails day to day.

Always in some conflict, but they knew no other way. Chasing each other’s dreams as the time passes away.

However, at times lost their sight, but later was able to reunite.

So they met in the middle and took each other’s hand and together they came up with a life saving plan.

Although they struggled at times, together instead they kepthroughout the path that hopefully leads them out.


How close are they to finding a cure for cancer?

I had a sister who lost her life to breast cancer, and several people who were close to me as well with other types of cancer. Millions are struggling with this disease and many have lost their lives from it. Here is an interesting article by Charles Swanton:

The problem – cancer drug resistance

Just last week, it was revealed that scientists have built nanoparticle factories that act as ‘Trojan Horse’ vessels which, once injected, can ferry chemotherapy drugs direct to cancers. In separate research on 257 women, scientists showed that two drugs, lapatinib and trastuzumab, when used together could shrink or even eliminate breast cancer tumours in less than two weeks. While exciting new research is on-going and over the last 40 years survival rates have doubled, many cancers – such as those of the lung and pancreas along with those that spread to other parts of the body or return as secondary cancers – still remain incurable.

Charles Swanton
Professor Charles Swanton in his lab at the Crick Institute CREDIT: GEOFF PUGH

The reason current treatments are often unsuccessful is because cancer evolves and mutates rapidly and cunningly, tricking the immune system and the drugs being administered to treat it. For example, take a drug such as Herceptin, used to treat the 15-25 per cent of women with breast cancer who have HER-2 positive cancers. Treatment with this drug targets some tumour cells, but can still leave behind a reservoir of cells which can potentially grow and become resistant to treatment. The same problem of drug resistance occurs with most such cancer drugs, known as ‘targeted therapies’. ‘It’s very like bacterial resistance,’ says Professor Swanton. ‘When you give an antiobiotic, bacteria develop resistance. When you give a chemotherapy drug, cancers develop resistance and stop responding to them.’

The potential solution – the body’s own immune cells

Professor Swanton’s team, based at the Crick Institute and University College London and funded by Cancer Research UK, found that even when it has mutated, a cancer still carries signature molecules which don’t change and can be spotted by the immune system’s disease-fighting T-cells as something that needs to be fought. ‘As cancers evolve, they develop mutations and when they do, these mutations can in some cases be seen as flags on the surface of the tumour cells by the immune system as being abnormal and so the immune system will try and tackle those flags,’ says Professor Stanton. But in the body, such T-cells are present in far too small numbers to pose a real threat to the cancer.

Think pink and cure cancer; for all who are and have suffered with this horrible disease- Hope!!! Keep your candle burning


Pursue through and keep trucking:

There are times when I am pulled in many different directions; trying to balance it all out. Taking care of family members, keeping up on finance’s, work, home, etc.

With little support and limited momentarily to keep it all in the right perspective’s. A sense of feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment. A good thing it’s only temporary. Things will get back on track and I’ll be able to get a grip on everything that going on right now.

When you think of our usual time expectancy on earth, and never know when it will be cut short; it’s a temporary moment considering eternity. Most people really don’t think about how temporary it is that we are here living on this planet.
What would you like to do or change if you could?
Life is too short, so don’t fret the small stuff. Live and let live, facing real-life situations as they come. Get done what you can, don’t worry what doesn’t, and be happy. Things have away of working themselves out or not. Keep in pursuit of your desires and dreams. Don’t give up on life even when you visit that as an option. Keep that faith and persevere through any obstacles in your way, life can change at any given moment.


Don’t get bitter, get better:

I have had my seasons of bitterness abounding within me, and I didn’t like it. I knew I needed to get rid of it.

Although, I might of had good reasons, usually when I wasn’t treated right, I knew it wasn’t healthy to stay in that bitter state of mind.

It took time, but then I learned to throw away my anger. Remove myself from toxic people, let the past stay in the past, and focus on the more productive things in life.


Missing my sister’s:

Growing up as a pseudo adult hasn’t been easy, but maturity eventually came. Growing up my dad was abusive and towards my mother. Back in the day when the cops were called. I remember them asking her if she wanted to press charges. She did not ever press charges, she did not want want to deal with all the repercussions depending on his paycheck with seven kids and not as much support for these kind of situations. It was dysfunctional. After his death healing truly began. I was the one who exposed the family secret, it needed to stop. I miss my sister’s right now. I wish I had them to talk to.

My two sisters who had it not easy either. We were all on our own at young ages, I was fourteen. What do you do; accept it, move on and persevere. We all have  wonderful  kids, but did the best we could. A new generation began. I miss my sister’s who are deceased now. No one can truly understand except god of what we endured. We made it better for our generations after, and God helped us to get through. Not to boast, but we became strong and carried on. We are survivors, and with our children lies a legacy to produce the healing and change needed. With our love and god above. Our seed carries on and will until the last days, having soldiers, and a strong blood line. A few bad apples, but restored due to God’s good graces and understanding ways.


Keep The Faith:

I have had better Days;

Sometimes days are not so great; you feel like no matter your efforts they are unnoticed.

Sometimes you have regrets, but can’t change the past.

Sometimes it’s hard to let go.

Sometimes you want to just give up, but don’t.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that the future will get any better, but you still strive for better tomorrow’s. When you think, “there has to be a better way.”

You hang in there, pull up your boot straps, pick yourself up, and hold on to what you got.

Sometimes you just need courage to change the things you can, accept the things you cannot change, and have the wisdom to know the difference.

Life is like a roller coaster; full of ups and downs.


Nothing to feel panicked over: 

It’s just a little thunderstorm: 

Today was a very strange day, it was sunny, like a warm summer day; a little tease for Washington state.

Then all of a sudden a big storm comes in, and it starts thundering and lightening. The rain starts coming down really hard, and even had moments of hail. The size of hail was pretty large, like small gravel stones. It was nothing to feel panicked over, it was kind of a cool watching it come down so hard, with a few flashes of lightning in the sky.

My dog happened to be outside, and she seemed a little panicked and came running right into the house, and she usually likes staying outside. Now I am sitting here watching the clouds moving about thru my back window, which is somewhat captivating. That’s are wonderful, unpredictable Washington weather. Rain, sunshine, hail all in one day.


This Little Piggy:

This little piggy went to market,

This little piggy stayed home,

This little piggy had roast beef,

This little piggy had none.

This little piggy went …

Wee, wee, wee,
all the way home!

By: Mother Goose


Momentarily Out of Control:

I had no control when they moved us Office Assistant staff out of the Computer Service department where I was at, and moved us to the Records department due to consolidating the IT staffing through the agency’s.

I have no control of them promising they would reduce the amount of work due to staff cuts, but have not.

I have no control when my boss has four additional people assisting him, but has ignored my request for additional help.

I have no control when my new boss does not seem to be to concerned about providing this anytime soon.

I don’t have much control when it comes down to it, just a lot of thinking on how to problem solve to make my job less frustrating, it’s not easy when your not getting the assistance or support you need.

I just pray one of my job opportunities works out so I can get out of there, if this is how it’s going to be.

He is not a very personable or approachable person or maybe he is just a control freak.


Crazy Politicians

As some apprentice politicians, not all might start off with good intentions, but in time they end up being venal.

They start off with a good talk, but actions in time speak louder then words.

I get how Congress and the division among them can be hindering for completing agenda’s, but when they are caught red handed taking bribes, and out for their own personal gain, it ends up doing a big disservice for the public they pledge to serve.

And some end up doing more damage then good, which we have had some of those leaders in the past too. In addition, some well respected ones as well.

It’s a crazy world out there.


Not Done Yet:

Life is like my heart pattern blanket I started to crochet over ten years ago and never completed it. Both are not finished, this blanket, nor my life. The yarn is a pretty dark fuschia in color with white trim with single and double stitches.

Maybe someday I will finish it up, maybe when I am retired.

And maybe I will be satisfied with both my life and my crochet blanket after the yarn is all unraveled and the crochet patterns are carefully put in all its right places.

Pleased with the end results with thy self and in the eyes of my father above. ☺ God bless!!


Lavish Me

Lavish Me with that soft sweet scent.

That sweet aroma you’ll find so empowering like spring flowers lingering in the air and so beautiful to smell.

Buy me that special kind of soft top of line, better than Calvin Klein and that is just mine that smells so fine and one of a kind.


You have knackered me with all you say.
So don’t bother to stay; just be on your way.


The Mysterious Man:

Sitting there at the café she is approached by a young man who appeared to be in his mid thirties. He let her know he had been traveling from the city, and asked her if she lived around here close by. She looked up with a blank stare hesitantly, but distracted momentarily by his dreamy looking memorizing deep blue eyes that had a tint appearing purplish in color. He had dark brown hair with somewhat of a slender build to him and appearing fairly tall. Dressed nice, but casual wearing blue jeans and a black sweatcoat and tennis shoes.

The  day,  it happen to be was nice with clear skies and autumn leaves as fall was approaching closer,  leaves already had fallen covering the ground like a blanket.

Looking up at this stranger, she said, “why do you want to know ? ”   “Just wondering  mam if you could tell me how far is the next town, and where the nearest bus station is from here? ” She replied, ” the nearest town is another sixty miles from here, and the bus station is just up the street a couple blocks, the next bus coming through town usually arrives at about noon time, it’s ten o’clock now.” As she was looking down at her watch. He was staring out the window just then with this blank worried look on his face.
She asked, ” is there something wrong? ” He didn’t reply and kept staring blankly out the window, ” sir, sir”, ” oh ” he replied, ” I have something I need to ask of you, can I sit here and explain the circumstances? ”  With a discern look she gestered to the booth across from her. He sat, took another look out the window as if he was expecting someone to show up. She asked, “are you expecting someone?” “Yes, I mean no” ” it’s complicated.” She sais to him, ” If your in some kind of trouble maybe you should go to the police, I don’t want to be dragged into any trouble here, did you take something from someone?” ” Are you on someone’s hit list?” ” Maybe you should go.” Curiously, she asked, ” what is this about?” ” What’s your name?” “Quin”, ” well Quin I am waiting.” He replies nervoously to her, ” I am sorry”, and if anything happens to him to give this to the police. He then pulls out of his pocket a little computer USB device. He ask her what her name is and she relied, Rebecca. He then looks out the window and sees a dark sedan pulling up, and he sais, ” I have to go now, I have no time to explain, you have not seen me!” Frantically, he then gets up and runs out towards a back door of the café that leads out to an ally. Rebecca, sitting there in disbelief of what has just occurred, like something out of a movie script.Then she notices the device in her hand and hurriedly hides the computer device she was given.

These two men coming in who looked like mobsters, Rebecca, a little scared, but kept her cool like nothing happened. Drinking her coffee. The men looking around one walking towards the restrooms. The other one asking her how long has she been here and if she has seen a young looking guy with brown hair come in here? Rebecca replied, and said that she has been here for a little over an hour and no one has come at least since then. The other man comes out and says he’s not here, let’s go.

Rebecca still in disbelief not ever finding out what this mysterious man was running from, and why these people were so interested in him. She did turn the device into the police the first chance she was able to, making sure she was not followed along the way. The police would not reveal any information to her regarding this matter, and sent her on her way.

Rebecca could not stop thinking of this man who was so mysterious and in and out of her life so fast. His eyes is what she was drawn to, so unique, and his blank stare. She sigh’s, and although she knows nothing about him she hopes he is okay.


When I saw the daily word prompt today I thought of a couple things to write about:
1. The root of the matter
2. Roots of genealogy
3. The root of all evil

Notice how the word devil last four letters spell evil

I decided to put a piece I wrote about a letter to the devil who is definitely known world wide as  the root of all evil. Here is what my letter to Satan would say; The father of lies, the root of all evil, the wicked one; who’s roots someday will be plunged up forcibly. 

Dear Satan:

Your affliction on this earth will not be unpunished;
Very evil you are and hatred you sprung throughout the beginning of  your time, leaving your residue upon young and old hearts alike  leaving permanent scars.

Your existence someday will be no longer lingering under these stars.

You will be conquered, subdued and labeled as a stooge.

You won’t have any fun and games playing in the minds and hearts, but  only have a legacy of blame and shame. You will not make precious minds your personal playground forevermore, because you stink and we are keeping score. You did not get your way so you decided to separate and gather your impure cronies to use and abuse. You lost your heart and turned into a big fart. Your pungent aroma stinks all the way up to the high heavens.

Your time is limited, and back to the brimstone and fire from whence you came, and all your descendants who think the same.
You will be blasted, and destroyed like a tree that is hit by lightening with great big fiery flashes. An outlier cast out due to your fear that led you to vear away and sway.

Your reprobated mind  that makes you unkind will be lost and forgotten, no more possessing the beauty from when you first started.

Leave the souls alone that God created because you are going to be faded out, snuffed out and that is without a doubt.

You’re miserable and lonely, because you strived and thought you could arrive on top, holding that candle up so high as you could even compare to the father and son. You can’t hold a candle to God’s little man who grew up and saved the land by going to the slaughter like a lamb and inducing his beautiful power in the hearts of man.

Oh, goodbye evil one, we are all eagerly waiting for your life not to be under the sunrises in morning, or have you moving about like a raging lion ready to devour.

Oh, goodbye evil one, You are doomed, and full of gloom. Father of lies, but no lord in anyone’s eyes. Just the root of evil that you can’t disguise.

Death will become you in the last days, all awaiting avidly for this time to take place and replace all the sorrows for God’s loving grace.

Back to the grave once you go my dear evil one, and lights out so you can never grow. You sit on your pedastool and gloat, but in reality you have no hope.So you hold on to your evil for which you stand, you are not even a man just a despicable, disgraceful waste of space, undeserving  of God’s perfect grace. So back to the fiery  furnace  you’ll go with all your demons to explode, into  the dark grimacing fiery pit of no return.

 Signed, sealed and delivered, Amen! 


Fifty Shades of Grey:

When I think of gray, I think of the color, but also think of this grey to. The English language has a lot of words that sound alike, but have much different connotations, but that is another discussion in itself.

Everyone was making a big to do about fifty shades of grey.

For me, you could definitely tell it was written by a woman. In some parts it was just coming off too perfect like s fairy tale. ( Cinderella meets her very rich prince charming). And he’s all in to her with; of course with some very weird sexual fetocious, but I guess that’s what captured the audience. Fifty Shades of Grey is about:

When college senior Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) steps in for her sick roommate to interview prominent businessman Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) for their campus paper, little does she realize the path her life will take. Christian, as enigmatic as he is rich and powerful, finds himself strangely drawn to Ana, and she to him. Though sexually inexperienced, Ana plunges headlong into an affair — and learns that Christian’s true sexual proclivities push the boundaries of pain and pleasure.
This novel was written by: E.L.James.

In one scene he picks her up for a date in his personal helicopter. The twist was when he starts to get infatuated with her back, and she realizes that she can’t deal with all his S and M proclivities, leaving him heart broken.

It was OK for this type of novel/ movie, but like I said, I thought it was a little unrealistic and more on the fairy tale side, besides all the sexual fetocious this man had, for some it might be their norm or what their into.


My zip has zapped
How about that?
I guess I need more Java.

Sometimes in life you just have to know when to zip it
Some things are better left unsaid.

Pick your battles, and determine if it is worth saying or keeping your mouth zipped.

If you know that a situation can get into a heated conversation, you may want to  ask yourself,” is this something I really want to participate in?”  ” Is  it really worth it?” So you practice self control, walk away if needed to keep situations from escalating.

Most the time it’s over something trivial. At the same time,  there are those situations when  you want to tell someone to just zip it, “a nice way of saying shut the hell up!”

Just zip it,  and zip it good.


My Avid World: 

It seems lately that I been living an avid life; applying for different jobs, eagerly wanting to remodel and make restorations to my house. Wholeheartedly searching for God  knows what.
Soul searching avidly for my hearts desire, but not exactly sure what all that entails, must be going through some sort of midlife crisis.
Contemplating on whether I should go back for more schooling. Earnestly thinking about getting in better shape and losing weight. Needing to fill up my soul, I know that’s no mistake. Feeling quite empty, but also should be thinking more about all my blessings.
Feels like my head is spinning out of control and depressing my my very ol’ soul
Wondering where this blog is going, but I keep posting. Having an eager desire for something?
Passionately visions popping in my head of beaches, and traveling to different places that are a far. Retirement someday that seems I could arrange and not too much out of my range, but still to early to be engaged.
Enthusiastic about change living within my brain, not knowing the outcome or want to complain.
Stuck in this zealous atmosphere you call life. Avidly obtaining information on the way and ardently wanting it to all stay within my memory banks and my so called forgetful brain.
If anything, this blog is at least a good outlet to read, write and here others recite. Thanks!! Have a great day, and happy blogging! 😃


Perfect Harmony

Live in harmony with one another. Do not be haughty, but associate with the lowly. Never be wise in your own sight. Repay no one evil for evil, but give thought to do what is honorable in the sight of all. If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.
As the Angels sing in a harmonious ring, and the birds chirping in the spring. Give thanks and enjoy the beautiful flowers and nature’s surrounding peaceful whispering sounds that abound in perfect harmony that’s around us daily.

Be as positive as you can be, nevertheless trying to be something that’s not meant to be. Believe in yourself and let it work out to stay in perfect harmony.

Be true to yourself, and others will see what happens when you’re in perfect harmony. Sing a song of melody and escape into nature’s reality and its whispering rings.

Every decision that we make leads us down a different road. We will never come to exactly the same crossroads. Every decision that we make has significance. The tiniest choice that we make reverbates throughout the entire universe.

“I would like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony” 🎵🎼🎵🎼


Spike it up naturally:

Spike up the chemicals in your brain
You’ll be glad, it’s all the same

Find out if you have a deficiency and lack motivation to sustain and keep it all in careful perspective.

Balance out each component; not to overdue, but obtain happiness just for you.

These are the chemicals within your brain to help you sustain and influence  happiness.

Dopamine– In the brain, dopamine functions as a neurotransmitter—a chemical released by neurons (nerve cells) to send signals to other nerve cells. The brain includes several distinctdopamine pathways, one of which plays a major role in reward-motivated behavior.

Oxytocin– The higher your oxytocin, the higher your happiness and well-being, at least for women,

Endorphin– When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine.

Serotonin- Serotonin is an important chemical neurotransmitter in the human body. … Serotonin that is used inside the brain must be produced within it. It is thought that serotonin can affect mood and social behavior, appetite and digestion, sleep, memory and sexual desire and function.


Source: What’s yours!!

Great Northwest By:JL

From the suburbs of southern California to a small town in the great northwest of Idaho.

It was a culture change for me from one to another. In comparison, the environment was so different, the warm nights of California to the fresh beauty of the northwest. Tall fur trees vs palm trees.

New people of the country side, the wooded mountains surrounding us. Waking up to the dew each morning.

The smell of fresh air. The folks in their bib overalls, and loggers in their suspenders.

The cafe and property my folks bought there. As we arrived our first stop was trying out the food and having breakfast in our new cafe. A regular quaint, casual cafe with a bar attached. Cabins around for people to rent. The bunk house in the back for seasonal loggers to stay while they were working. The school right next to the property, which was kindagardin thru the twelfth grade. A very small school. Montana’s boarder was less then a mile up the road. We were near rivers and lakes, and the Canadian boarder.
Spent much of my time assisting my parents and helping out in the café. I helped my mother clean the bunk house for the loggers when they were not there, some of them were sloppy, leaving a mess. We made all the beds hospital style, and there was quite a few of them. My older sisters were waitresses and cooked from time to time, bar tended. The funniest thing my mother did one day is she fired one of the waitresses, but the funny thing about it was what it was for. This particular person did not shave her under arms and she would ware tank tops, so it was very noticeable. Well sjhe was wiping off the tables, and my mother saw her taking the wash rag and wiping her under arms, then proceeded to clean the rest of the tables off with the same wash rag. She also fired my sister Jeannette one time for serving something she wasn’t supposed to. My sister said, “you can’t fire me I am your daughter.” Certain things you just don’t do running a business. I think she let both of them back after a while, But made darn sure they didn’t do stuff that could get the place shut down.

We lived in the house behind the café, my two older sisters shared a cabin, and my two older brothers shared another cabin on the property. Getting to know the other kids in town, they became like family. For entertainment we hung out on the school steps, and antagonized the local law enforcement there that said we could not hang out on the school steps anymore. Also, the bunk house on our property or had bon fire parties in the woods. We camped, went swimming a lot in the summer time, horse back riding, and being wild and crazy at times. They had a fun center for a time, until it was shut down. This is where all us kids hung out and played pool and the pin ball machines there at the end of the town. Never a boring moment.

After a while I got sick of restaurant food because that is where we ate all the time, and when I ate over at a friend’s house it was like going out to dinner for me.
I was so used to cooking on a fry grill when I cooked on a stove top it felt foreign. The cafe had old fashion equipment there, Peeling big Idaho spud potatoes using a heavey duty french fry slicer with a big handle. An old fashion milk shake machine that made the best milkshakes.
It was hard when my family sold the place I was close to the people there, and we were heading back to my parent’s home town in Berea Ohio to stay with my grandmother for a while. That is another story in itself.


The audacity of it all: 

The irony of it all I just had to chuckle. Games some people play. A former co-worker comes to work sick for two weeks. Gets others sick in the process, she could not stop coughing, and has the nerve to say, I can’t afford to get sick just because I coughed when she couldn’t stop previous. Not being able to distance myself from her during the time she spread her germs around everywhere in the office. I looked up at her “really”, she replies, ” I am just saying.”  I couldn’t believe she had the audacity to even have said what she was saying, but then again coming from her mouth, it wasn’t so unusual for her to say things to try and see if she could get ones goat here and there, one way or another. That seemed to be her personality towards others unless she could benefit herself from someone in one way or another. Just glad to be away from this particular person now.



Does your eyes not see me, does your heart not speak out to me, is your vision blurred and reality opaque to the truth of what you should apparently know, and not be forsaken for what really is so.

‘Yes I see, and your not opaque to me, my eyes are open and your transparent to me. You can’t hide although you try.
So why be shy, it shows through your hazy blue eyes, just as apparent as the clouds that are dispersed throughout the sky.

Sleepless nights😴

Sleepless nights happen too often, depression sets in and I am doomed knowing it’s going to be one of those things that is apart of my being. Accepting, I ride with my episodic lows. Although not a fun time , and emotionally painful thing to have, saying to myself, ” this feeling soon shall pass”.

Always glad not to be so sad, and the sunrises on the very next day.

Longing for a spiritual jolt assuring your still there, so I don’t feel so alone and on my own with much despair.

Extreme depression and agony on me, a soul seeking to be free, breaking this bondage of captivity.

Sad, blue and needing to be renewed. Open the door and restore the way so I can stay for another day.

Put on the pads of ressurection, begin the fibrillating process, electrical impulses to my heart, awakening those electrode’s in my brain giving me a manifested physically needed jolt and restoration.

Clean the Cobweb’s out of my head so I don’t feel so dead, and let’s do this together instead. ☺

J- Jesus Christ is our Lord and saviour

O- optimistic views expressed

L- Life, Love and logic

T- Thankful Because he exists in us.



Keep climbing those steps upwards;

Climbing up the ladder of job success hasn’t been that easy for me. I remember when I first started my job thinking that it would lead into other jobs, and it has somewhat, but not like I expected.
Even with getting some college, there have been a couple other people I know with the same degree, and it lead them into a job related field.
However, I am not ready to throw in the towel on it all, at least not yet, it still could happen.
Thinking about going back to school for another certificate in a particular field. This would definitely help for me to advance, but I would pay for it, and hopefully it would pay for itself in the long run. It would be nice to promote, but if I end up working where I am at for the remaining time of my career, that’s okay, it doesn’t define who I am, work is work.

However, there are many ways to climb the ladder of achievement and measure success; anytime you grow, learn, and have accomplishments in life it is good thing. Whether it be in achieving spiritual growth, or completing tasks, helping people, taking care of yourself, family, being there for your friends, it’s all good.

Changing the subject, this one mountain around here that people hike on all the time” Mt. Peak” keeps popping in my head. I want to hike it this summer. Also, another called, “Tiger Mountain”. I had an experience on Tiger Mountain once that was spiritual. I was hiking trying to reach the top. It occurred after my experience where God sat with me and created a new spirit within me.

He has not dealt with us according to our sins, Nor rewarded us according to our iniquities. For as high as the heavens are above the earth, So great is His lovingkindness toward those who fear Him. As far as the east is from the west, So far has He removed our transgressions from us.… Psalm 103

It shall come to pass in the latter days
that the mountain of the house of the Lord
shall be established as the highest of the mountains,
and shall be lifted up above the hills;
and all the nations shall flow to it,- Isaiah 2-2

God bless, and have a Happy Easter Sunday!


So much to do, but such little time to do it in. 🙃

So much to do, but such little time to do it in. By the end of the week I am usually tired and the work day seems to drag on making it feel like a very long day. This tends to make me feel somewhat irritable and cranky. I am glad when my day is finally done, and my weekend has begun, but by the time I get home my energy level is low. Contemplating in my head of all what i want and need to accomplish over the weekend, but the list currently out weighs the time for everything in mind.
So I start prioritizing of what is most important to accomplish first. Wishing at this point that I could just snap my fingers and everything would be all done.

It was either no money to do the job, or finally having the money, but no time to do it in. This also tends to make me a little cranky. It would be nice to just play on my blog all day, or do something fun, instead of having some sort of work all the time that is needing done. There seems to be always something to do, but never fun. This weekend is Easter weekend and my platter is full. Its funny what the word prompt is for today because I woke up somewhat cranky and irritable this morning. I need more coffee, it’s been overwhelming and my world has been feeling a little bit up side down lately.🙃

Still somewhat cold where I live, and rainy. This tends to make people more on the cranky side too. Most folks around here are very anxious for some sunshine and more sunny days to come their way, and I am with them I have had it with this gloomy weather and rain.


1Do not judge, or you will be judged. 2For with the same judgment you pronounce, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.…Mathew 7, 1-3-

If I were a tree how would I measure to ‘thee; 🏝
Would I stand tall, or be ready to fall?
Clumped together and no where to grow, or
Stand alone, isolated, and on my own.
Would I be fruitful and multiply, or barren and deprived?

What kind of tree would you make me;
A weeping willow with long sad beautiful sweeping branches, but quick to root or;

An Apple tree that’s bright red and deliciously sweet ready to eat or the Pine tree sticky and full of sap?

How about a Palm tree to be traditionally picked (Palm Sunday) or a Japanese Pine cylindrical that measures in shape. A Monkey tree with spiney leaves or like the Dogwood tree that prolifically blooms.

If i were a tree how would you see me?



Timely awaiting for your arrival tonight
For I been waiting a long time
Can you be so kind
Give me some peace of mind, and show up on time.

Rainbows in the morning
Shooting stars with clear skies and an auspicious moon rising at night.

A wish come true so I won’t feel so blue. With much surprise looking at me with those koliedodscope eyes

Bright lights and summer time themes has me thinking of seasons you spent with me


It’s natural for a person to want to please their parents and be accepted by other’s. No one wants to be in the company of being around someone who is not pleased with you in someway or another.

It is the same way with your spiritual father. I can say, that I think most people would like God’s acceptance of them and know it.

I am middle aged now, and about 17 years ago approximately I experienced some amazing spiritual things and had an open connection with God, and he allowed me to see many different things, and told me future stuff about my life. It was a confusing time, and hard to believe, but it really happened.

I had no sence of direction, and he provided the way.
God had mentioned to me when I get older he would be pleased with me. He did not indicate how old though. I feel I am older now, but not sure exactly when this will occur. I trust God so this is good to know. I thank God for his grace, mercy, and prayer, and I thank all his hosts in heaven as well.


I am what I am
I am the alpha and omega
I am the ruler and King
I am the morning sun
I am the one to unravel the mysteries from a far, and beyond the stars.
I am the scope that gives hope, and the one to light the way and shines through the dark and chase your nightmare’s away
I am the reason for the season
I am the key to set you free
I am who I am


As the Eagle soars the earth, and the Bear roams the land, , like a Dragon over the field, and a Hawk in the sand.

Deceptively united, truthfully devided.

Exploded in perilous times, and nature not being so kind.

As the moon rises and the sun sets, the Lion stands to unite the lands, as the venomous snake coils up silently before the strike.

Bombs lighting up the sky like the northern lights of firey flys, fields burning like a red Sea with frothing edges of no return.

The kingdom is stung, Catastrophe has begun.

People are wandering Blindly into dawn’s new day of the unknown.


SHE: Caught up in a web of deception: By:JL

In the glitter depth within her heart, she worries about the days to come.

She holds onto her lover ardently and tries not to get caught up to whole heartedly.

She is caught up in a web of emotional deception and despair. Her soul has taken a toll and she weeps every day.

She no longer cares about finding true love’

She asked herself, “what is true love anyways? ”

Searching the depth of her soul she should be letting go, but continues to remain in a tenacious grip that makes her trip. Not readily relinquishing her position, letting it control and being dispositioned.

She wonders why she can’t move on, is it because of love or an emotional bond?

Is it wrong, is it right, should she put up a fight or just leave his sight.

Should she leave it all behind and hope to spiritually find what really matters most, without losing her mind or just be kind.

She avoids the pain that hinders her gain, so she sits on a fence that sits up high afraid to jump off and touch the sky.

She knows in her heart  what is meant to be will be. She could be you, she could be me.

She sits and wonders what it is she is meant to be. She is just a girl who wants to be free.


That moment when a storm has passed
And when a rainbow bends across the sky
OR when the caterpillar finds it’s become a lovely butterfly –
When night gives way to dawn’s new day
When hope outshines the heart’s despair-that’s when we see God’s perfect plan and understand the power of prayer.

When people loose someone they love;-others should be patient. It is on their own time that they grieve and how long it takes them,and when they could heal from a loss. With time, and prayer, no one gets over it when someone else says to, but when they learn to adjust to a new normal for them. Not as what they were used to when that loved one was around.

My prayers especially go to those who have lost a loved one to suicide. God is with you.

RIP- Jody, Jeannette, Julie, Benny,Chancey,Brenda, Robin, Fannie, Linda,Michael, Doug, Nikki, Gwen, Angie, Dan, Janet, and Georgy 🌷



A horrifically and insane attack on the Syrians from their own Government, a crime against humanity upon innocent civilian’s. Chemically gassing their own people. Fathers, Mother’s watching their babies die and gasping for air.

How can one be so evil to put upon his own people?

What will happen in their world, the broken hearts and minds. Excruciating pain they must be going through, and hopelessness. Dreams shattered, and bodies scattered.

Power, greed is not what these people need, but many prayers and support from the other nations.

May God bind your wounds and heal your broken hearts. If this is not stopped it could happen more and more to others. God bless all the nations of the. world, and the innocent who reside in it. May the nations stand united against evil dictators. As these people wonder what now, I can’t imagine, may God provide a safe haven for them.


Seeking growth and advancement in my career

Yesterday’s gone, today’s a new day. A little melancholy with my job situation. I had an interview yesterday, and it went OK, but as an outlier looking in, wanting to finally here those words of acceptance, ‘we have made our decision, and you have been selected for the job’. Instead of, ‘although your credentials are impressive, we have selected someone else’. Now it is just a waiting period, and can’t get my hopes up too high. There are quite a few other candidates, and the competition is high, percentages of actually obtaining the job are very slim to none, but you never know. All my endeavors may pay off. I tell myself not to give up, but I am a little tired of it all, and nothing has panned out so far for me within this system I am in, but feel like an outlier, and can’t seem to move forward or land any promotional positions I have applied for, but I have been on many interviews I got to give myself some credit for that.


Denial daily word prompt:

Her gut instinct told her not to meet with this person by herself that she has been chatting with on-line for a while. He seemed nice, romantic, harmless, but she knew in her heart it still wasn’t a good idea.

They talked about life, love, and funny things that happen. He said he was divorced and trying to get on his feet and start over. Meet someone, and get to know them, and possibly have a long term relationship.

She suggested they meet up in a coffee shop or restaurant, but he told her he had only a small window of opportunity to see her before his trip, and he had to get ready for his flight. He wanted her to meet him at a Hotel he had been staying at, he explained to her prior that he hadn’t settled down in a new place yet because his job required him to  frequently travel all over the world, He also expressed he couldn’t wait until he got back to see her because he wasn’t sure how long he was going to be gone, and wanted to meet her in person before he left.

He said his name was John Stevens, and she went by the name of Sally Roads. Well Sally was about twenty seven years old, and single. She worked as a nurse at night, and been caught up in her job and put her social life on the side for a while. Most the people she knew were already involved with someone or she wasn’t interested in them that way. She decided to join a chat room on-line and that is where she met John. He made her laugh, he was witty, and always seem to say the right things to her. She’s heard the horror stories of people meeting on-line, but in denial that this man she grown to like could ever have intentions of hurting her.

Although, against her better judgement Sally decided to go meet John on his terms. She thought well just in case I will call my friend Kim, and tell her what I am up to. She had mentioned John to her before, and concerned, she would always tell Sally to be careful and if you end up meeting, go to a crowded place. Meet his family, and get to know him very well before you go anywhere by yourself with him.

Kim pleaded with her not to go, “it sounds fishy”, but Sally said, ” I’ll take my chance’s.” They joked about him being a serial rapest or killer, but she really didn’t believe it to be so.

She told Kim if I am not back in a couple hours call me, and come look for me. After a few hours went by she decided to call Sally, and she got her voicemail. She thought at first Sally was messing with her, but then became more concerned as more time went by. She went to the Hotel where they were supposed to meet, and no one had seen her, or heard of John Stevens. Sally never made it to the Hotel, he must of intercepted her before they went in, and lured her some where else. She called the police, and told them what happened, but it was too late, she was gone. Days went by, weeks, never knowing what happen to Sally, she never was seen again.


MY COUGAR ADVENTURE:-By:JL-Champion word prompt

One of many Gods beautiful amazing creations.

A November morning during hunting season, we got up my spouse and I, and put on our winter cloths. We wanted to make it to the hunting site by the crack of day light. We loaded up our guns. I had a modified 300 Savage rifle. The stock was cut off just right to fit my arm. It had a recoil pad on the butt of the rifle. A nice Leupold scope, and a strap attached. This was one of my favorite rifles.

We drove up towards the mountains to the woods and parked our vehicle. We got out and proceeded to walk a little ways down to an old logging road. As we kept walking, the road inclined and we started to get into some clear cuts and we were able to view other mountain ridges near us. It was beatiful. As we climbed in elevation, the air was getting thinner and it felt colder. I remember the tips of my toes, fingers and ears being cold even though I dressed warm.

When we would go hunting, it would usually be an all day event unless we got lucky and we’re able to get something right away. I had a new sense of appreciation after spending all day out hunting. After walking all day, hiking up hills, down trails, hungry,cold, and tired. It felt like heaven to finally get home and warm up, and enjoying some homemade fried potatoes with onions and deer steak.

Although, we did not Champion that day on getting a deer,”settled for tag soup” we definitely saw some wild life and it was an adventure I will always remember. We saw a black Bear and her two cubs (a sow) going up the Mountain Ridge near us.

However, the most unique wild animal we saw that day was a Cougar.We were walking up the logging road, walking upwards, and came upon a big Cougar. It was only about 10 to 15 yards away from us, if that, it was very close. We froze looking into the eyes of this big Cougar Cat. As it was looking at us as well. I noticed a tracking device around his neck, so this Cat was caught before by the Game and Wildlife organization. We had a good look at this beatiful Cougar Cat. The Cougar ended up turning and fleeing from us. We had our guns thank God, just in case. In the Northwest especially walking in the woods you should always be prepared. You never know what wildlife you’ll run into, or how these wild animals will react. I am glad we did not have to shoot it protecting ourselves. Close up I could not believe how large these animals are, just like Elk seeing them close up. This Cougar Cat was big,huge.


Have you ever had a dream that felt so real that you had to check yourself and ask, ” is this really happening”?

Waking up, distraught one morning, on the cusp of still being a sleep and awake. I had a dream I murdered someone, and I was going to jail for s very long time. My life of what was, was over. It wouldn’t take long before the police figure out who was responsible. For a moment, feeling so devastated, and worried. When I came to realization, that this was only a nightmare, I felt so relieved. “Wow, thank God I told myself”. “This is not really happening”.

My youngest daughter was having some problems with her former boyfriend at the time. She was not letting on how abusive things really got between them. I believe it was him that I shot in my dream. His name Adam and in my dream he was in a gang, I saw him on a sidewalk on the side of a fence. I shot at him with a pistol I had. I then remember trying to hide his body in the woods, and putting him behind an old log laying down in some clear cuts, and wild shrubbery around the old log. This was crazy, my brother was there trying to help me. I was able to see the homicide task force looking around the area of where the body was hidden, and I felt if they found his body it would be linked backed to me, my emotions were very intense. Contemplating whether I should turn myself in or not. I woke up, and for a few second’s I was very paranoid and feeling like I am doomed. I am not a killer, and don’t know why I would have such a nightmare like this.

At the same time, it could of been because I was working at a psychiatric hospital and the patients I worked with were either long term categorized as NGRI or there for evaluation of NGRI (not guilty reason of insanity). In addition, my daughter’s relationship with her boyfriend at the time might of had a play in it as well.
All I know is it was crazy, and it felt so real.

‘Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy.’ Sigmond Freud

A dream can sometimes feel incredibly real – as if the sensation experienced are actually happening, but then as we wake up to everyday reality we cannot make sense of anything and wonder what it all meant.

Through the centuries, the dreaming mind has been credited with being the source of ideas, insights, revelations and guidance, some of which have changed the course of history. Here are a couple examples, Julius Caesar’s decision to cross the Rubicon is attributed to a dream in which he saw himself in bed with his mother (Mother Rome, the seers told him.) His assassination was foretold in his wife’s Calpurnia’s dream.
St. Francis of Assisi founded the Franciscan Order because of a dream in which Jesus Christ spoke from the cross, telling him to ‘go set my house in order’.


Dreams that terrify us of cause distress in some way by waking us up before the situation occur during REM sleep and typically arise when a person is feeling anxious or helpless in waking life. Once the dreamer has recognized what is triggering this kind of dream, and worked through any unresolved fears and anxiouties, nightmares tend to cease.


These are similar to nightmares, but because they occur in deep sleep (stage four) NREM non-rapid eye movement- deep sleep, when your brain is released from the demands of the conscious mind. Most people don’t remember their dreams during this stage or what terrified us, although we may be left with a lingering feeling of unexplained dread.


Dreams that reoccur typically happen when the dreamer is worried about a situation that isn’t resolving itself in waking life. Could also be when a person is suffering from some type of phobia.


Hope,in a hopeless place. 🌹

Her marriage failing, she decided to move out of the house, her husband became  verbally abusive towards her. They tried counseling, but as time went by she felt they were growing more and more distant from  each other.

Both through out the years were starting to take each other for granted. They stopped appreciating each other and working on their marriage. In the end they were just co-existing in the same household. Although she moved out, she decided to be prudent and weigh it all out before she would leap right into the divorce process.

In the bottom of her heart she held on to some glimpse of hope that something would change between the both of them and they could reconcile, and she would not have to go through this upheaval in her life.

Only time will tell, she tells herself, so I will prudently wait and see what my future holds for me.




I am on a journey like others and try to keep on the right path that is best for me. I have had different opportunities in my life and meet lots of new people in the process. I am blessed in many ways, and believe in the end it will be all OK.

I like the outdoors, real life stories, reading, family, and friend get togethers, and got amused when my 94 year old grandmother played her game of 31. May she RIP.

I am learning how to stop and smell the roses once in a while and just take a pause. In my life I always had that feeling of being on a constant go, like I was in a race. Sometimes that would still my opportunity of joy and living in the moment.

Learning to let go, and let God run the show. Not let the worry or that feeling of if I don’t accomplish this now my window of opportunity will pass me by. I found if I am in an indecisive situation or struggle with something personal that I need victory over, but just can’t seem to conquer it completely, I take a pause from it and come back to it later.

Life can be full of personal challenges and sometimes our mind having different members are not always synced together as they should be. The heart wants and the mind says no not good. A pause, or vacation can be exactly what’s needed or long overdue.

I do not like to much stress or drama in my life, and like to be around real everyday people. By JL

” Courage is the discovery that you may not win, but try when you know you can lose.”. By Tom Kraus

Later works 🙄

Today we drove a hundred or so miles to go empty a couple storage units we obtained a few years back.

We should not of had it as long as we did. We kept paying each month and putting it off until later, but we finally have that behind us now, and can start on the many other household projects that need attention.
My husband tends to procrastinate, but once he gets himself on the right track, although sometimes seems like stuck in turtle mode, we get a little bit more accomplished each year and closer towards our goals.

The trip went well, we left in the morning, my husband driving, it was rainy and in spurts it was hard to see in front of us, especially on the pass. The roads were the same way, in spurts they were not in the best condition. You think they would be better considering how much they spend working on them.
However, they do have a lot of traffic on this Hwy, including truck driver’s. Once we got over the pass the weather was warm, sunny and long needed being that it rains a lot where I live. I think when I retire I am going to make it a point to go south for winter.

When we got to the storage facility, we rented a big U-Haul truck and loaded up our stuff. We did good considering it being just the two of us. We had carts to load the stuff on. The couch and few heavy coffee tables, heavy headboards were a little tricky.

I followed my husband on the way back home. When we stopped on top of the pass it was beautiful, not raining at the time, but had patches of fog circling the snow covered mountainsides. The ski slope was right in view and still had snow on it, although closed for the season.

It was just the last part of the trip that was nerve-wracking. It was raining and starting to get dark, and the other driver’s and their darn halogen headlights glaring right in my eyes. I have a hard time seeing anyways at night, it was awful and had to just focus on the red lights in the back of the U-Haul truck that I followed behind. I think those lights are illegal to have, and their dangerous. Blinding the on coming traffic, I slowed way down a couple times because of it. In the same way, those people who don’t turn down their high beams are just down right inconsiderate drivers.

Otherwise, it was a good trip and feels good to finally close out the storage units we’ve had for so long, and we made it home. Since we did not do this sooner, later works. 🙄


Fortune:Angelica's debut

Traveling for the first time in her Life. Angelica O’Neal was riding the grey hound bus heading to Hollywood. A small town girl, she was one of the ones selected to audition to premiere in a big ‘Broadway’ debut.

As her thoughts are rolling around in her head, her nervousness rises as she gets closer towards her destination.

She wonders if she will be one of the ones selected to move forward and receive her long awaited dream. Her role is one of the main characters she would be playing, Juliet in the big hit play from ‘ Romeo and Juliet’

Her voice is beautiful, angelic like her name. She has been in chior practice since she could remember. She has worked hard taking advantage of any available acting class she could, and the one chosen usually for lead roles. Her dream to one day be a super star and be in the spot-light.

She knows the competition is high, but she has talent for people to see. “Will this be her big break, her moment of fame that she longed for all her life, her dream come true, She asked herself, or will she fail miserably? ” “How can I stand out, she asked herself? ” ” How can I get them to beleive I am the one for this particular part?”

“If this is not for me, could they use me somewhere else?” Oh, the thoughts she had rolling around in her head.

She has never wanted something so badly in her life. Will she be one of the fortunate ones to get the part and get what she wants in her heart?

She arrives to her destination, and prepares for her audition session. She steps out on the stage in front of the individual’s who will be judging her on her performance. Hoping to be a success and not fall flat on her face, she gears up and tries to keep her composer. She then starts to sing.

The judges drop down their clipboards, amazed as she keys up in in her song, they are memorized by her voice. As she felt herself allure them in, she became more comfortable with herself , and less nervous.

With Angelica, it wasn’t only just the fortune and fame she was after, but her hearts desire to be a big star someday. She loved being in the spot-light. If she is successful, she will have her moment of glory, her big break!

Angelica has never imagined herself doing anything else, but to entertain other’s. Oh how she ate it up when she received a lot of attention after her performances from the crowd. Angelica has been fortunate to be born with an amazingly good voice, a special gift from God.

After her performance, it sounded like she landed it, the judge’s gave her a standing ovation and said, ” Ms. O’Neal, that was amazing, and you will be hearing from us soon, well done!”


Passport and places: Daily word prompt

I have never applied for a passport or been out of the United States. It would be nice someday to get that opportunity. Where would I want to go, well many places?
Maybe Italy, Australia, Japan, or Mexico.

I have been to a few different states in the US, and Hawaii once, which was so nice. I lived in four states, California, Idaho, Ohio, and Washington. I would love to go visit New York at least once, and to the New England states.

I have ancesters that were one of the first settlers in Delaware. The Old Swedes Church still stands today and is a historical landmark. A couple of my ancestors are buried in the old burial grounds next to the church. My Grandfather’s last name is Springer, and Christopher Springer name is recorded in some of the historical records that  pertain to the Old Swedes Church.


The Springer story in Delaware begins with a tale that sounds like it’s pulled from a movie script. Carl (Anglicised as “Charles”) Christopherson Springer was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1658, but went to London as a boy to study. After completing his studies, at about age 18, he decided to return home to Sweden. Before he could, though, he was kidnapped, put aboard an English ship, and sent to the West Indies. From there he was shipped to Virginia, where he was sold as an indentured servant. In Virginia he served five years, essentially as a slave, doing what he referred to as “unspeakable” work, clearing fields for the planting of tobacco and corn. [A transcript of a letter to his mother, recounting his tale, can be found here.] After serving his five years, he happened to hear of a community of Swedes 400 miles to the north, in the Pennsylvania colony. He walked all the way to the settlement along the Delaware, joining his fellow countrymen in the New Castle/soon-to-be Wilmington area. Charles Springer became a cornerstone of the community here, and was one of the founders of Holy Trinity (Old Swedes) Church.


44 thoughts on “Good & bad impressions:

  1. I hate driving at night too , especially on open roads where you get blinded by oncoming headlights. 😩


  2. Loved your post on denial – sadly how often in life this happens.. and every one would have said – I know it happens but not to me… 😃
    You might want to change your page so you don’t have to scroll to the very bottom of your posts to make a comment or like – I nearly left without commenting for that very reason… ☹️

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    1. Thank you, yes wasn’t sure what to write and this came to mind. Yes, this can happen if not careful. Thanks for the tip, as soon as I get time I’ll do that. ☺

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  3. Thank you talestory…Your site makes me feel less alone and less “weird”. I LOVE scary books much more than scary moovies. Here’s a share


      1. On yesterday’s word prompt on control regarding my response, I approached the situation diplomatically and received good results today. Since my work partner is fairly new, I discussed more things to help train her and went over the process more, talked to my boss about it, and at don’t foresee having assistance now, but possibly will after he gets done with his agenda. Anyways, I am glad I just didn’t blow a cork, and thought about how I was going to handle the situation.


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