In the Arm’s of an Angel:

Daily word prompt- Silence

He punished her with his silence when he was upset. I suppose it made him feel a scense of being in control. Traits of self-centered ness describes him. Is demeanor was shallow, stern. Even if someone happen to stop by, they would say, “hi”, attempt conversation and he just would not respond and kept himself in silence, staring out in space. Not caring what anyone else thought, no matter who it was at the time. Real immature like, ” the silent treatment”. Not acting his age, but his shoe size 8.

One day she took up a challenge from God himself, risking the fact that her family members would think she had some sort of mental dysfunction. It was a game God had told her to play. I was not suppose to talk to him, nor my daughter. “The right hand was not to know what the left hand was doing.” I was to follow and be guided by the holy spirit. I was able to here, but not see what the spirit is saying, I was also going to be distracted. The morning came, “let the games begin”. “Satan was going to hit me hard”. I manage the early morning, but as time went by, they had noticed I was in silence. It turned out pretty harsh, but I had to keep silent. I felt bad for my daughter. I thought what does she have to do with this, except not understand what was fully happening to me, and her being a determine minded child at times. She was about 15 during this time.

After my divorce I had met this man and we got together, my one daughter lived with me, and didn’t let me go. My other daughter looked out over my younger two at this time with their Dad, she would not let them go. We were a split family with shared custody. A bad period in my life, and a struggle of starting over. However, that’s another story.

Back to the day I was the one to have to be silent, and I was not mad. I can see why the holy spirit wanted me to be silent towards my boyfriend at the time because this was giving it back to him because he gave the silent treatment to me, and everyone else when the mood hit him to do so. They were asking me, “Why are you not talking?” “Did I do something wrong?” It got pretty bad, I finally had to caall a friend. Looking back, I guess you could of called this one of my life-lines for the game. I knew sign language, and thought that would be OK, but they didn’t understand it all the way. As the day went by, and my friend finally arrived I explained to her what was happening. It was crazy, and my daughter, my older kids grandma came over, they had called them. My friend explained I was not to talk to them because God told me not to, and it is a game for me to listen, and not talk, listen big. They commented, ” God doesn’t play games.” It wasn’t very pleasant, but I had to obey God. They thought I was delusional. My oldest daughter wanted to commit me, their real Dad was locked up facing prison time. It wasn’t a good time for them either. The man I was presently with, treated me good, but didn’t do the best by his children, I suppose he was considered a a “dead beat Dad”, I lost quite a bit of respect towards him because of that, and he complained a lot about my daughter. They would clash at times. He would not go see a sports game that his son was in, even though his daughter begged him to do so. She quit talking to him when they were just starting to get back into his life again. He didn’t lose any sleep over it, his thought was what about me, and my life.

We’ll getting back to what was happening, my friend eased the situation, and said, “who is to say she really isn’t talking to God.” I would talk to her, and have her relay the message, but she had said, ” why would you do that if God told you not to talk to him, or my one daughter. To make a long story short, my next challenge was to get away from them because I was directed to go. The kids grandma invited me to come over to her house for a couple days, my boyfriend did not want me to leave. I told them I needed my car, and my boyfriend hid my keys, and the holy spirit revealed he was lying, so I called him out on it. It was a big hassle, but I finally was able to get in my car and get away from him. My daughter went somewhere too, but can’t remember where. Well they tried to have an open mind, but they were blinded to it. I don’t know if the Lord confounded them to be so, but they said it didn’t make scense. It was the game of life. It seemed crazy for me too, and I am not a delusional person. I ended up leaving from there the next morning, not knowing where I was going. Part of this was the Bible study I was given by the holy spirit, but actually in spurts living it as well. Not easy being in a spiritual state, and being in the real world at same time trying to here what the spirit has to say. I was told heed traffic, I was heading South, and ended up near the ocean. Before I arrived to my destiny, I stayed at a hotel, and the next day I forgot about the heeding traffic because I thought that I made it through the time frame of the warning. I was stuck in stop and go traffic, and I happen to look away for just a moment and rear ended a car in front of me. The air bag blew up in my face. I didn’t like getting slammed in the nose, and sunk into myself. Just then an angel layed me back and with a concerned, kind voice Said, “Trust God.”..I was blessed to have this experience, and God is good. He reaches out to the broken hearted, and at this time in my life I went through some trials, and could not of done it without God. I don’t know who won the game, but it was a way to get me where I was at and where I ended up. God is good.


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