What are we here for?

What are we here for: By:JL

The difficulties and challenges most all of us share can be overwhelming.
Choices we make in life can have great impact on our very own souls. We question our very existence at times, and wonder what its all about, and ask why!
We try to give it our best shot, and worry about falling short. We talk to God, and we try to stay calm, and hope and gloat for better tomorrows.
We try to hang in there, thrive, Jive and hold on to our pride. We try not to ever give up, and when we can let go, let god, and let loose, and try not to get into situations that will cook our goose.

We all have our moods that could easily be miscued. We are only human beings created to be free, and sent on our way due to a tree. A snake in the midst to trick us not to exist.

Still asking what are we here for, is it to explore, and want more? Is it vanity and to hold on to our fantasies?

Is it a lesson and to be a blessing? We laugh, we cry, we sing, we worship, we fight to be right. We sleep, and weep. What are we here for?
Do we let our spiritual compass lead our soul through the pathway down the narrow roads?



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