My Miraculous Kitten:

My Miraculous Kitten:

I must be crazy with deciding to get a new kitten, but a long time ago I lost a good cat, and should of taken her with me when I was getting a divorce. My oldest daughter ended up taking her when she moved into my mother’s house. She was let outside and a wild animal had killed her. She was the best cat, her name was Sassy. Sassy was black and white, very friendly, a good mother to her litter of kittens she once had.

She would pet your face, and just an all around good cat. Why I say I must be crazy is because I am currently taking courses on-line to get my BAS degree in a HIM’s program, working full time, and dealing with aches and pains of arthritis, and having sciatic nerve pain lately. Busy, busy, busy lately. A scheduled promotional interview coming up, but this kitten reminded me a little of my other cat. We since bonded, but she is a baby kitten, and a busy, playful one at that. Very curious, with sharp claw’s, likes to climb, but adorable and I know she’ll grow up to be a miraculous cat, her name is ‘Izzy’ – Izzy, dizzy.


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