Circle of Love:

Circle of love:

When you are lonely look up to the stars in the twilight, and the sun that shines so bright, the birds that chirp in the morning light.

When you feel left out seek good friends that don’t leave you in doubt.

When you want to give up seek refuge in God above and count on the spirit of love.

Circle yourself in ways that are good, and look forward to better tomorrow’s, ones that don’t place you in many sorrows.

When you are lost, pray to be found by the Lord that sacrificed his life for yours.

When you feel weak, he is strong let his spirit circle you with love, and truth that abounds within you.

When life is static or on a constant move, meditate on the good aspects of life rather than the bad. Even though not so easy at times. Let your everlasting light shine and try and be kind.

Children of God; seek and you shall find , let not the enemy win, and take your heart captive. Break the chains that hold you back and go forth in the name of love. By JL


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