One Year at the Fairgrounds:

“Step right up, buy three balls and get the extra one free.”

Every year Sandra worked at the county fairgrounds. This time she was put in a game booth for folks to throw baseball’s and try and hit the three tier cans stacked up upon each other, and knock them down. Above, a sign was posted; hit all three cans down on the first shot, and win a large stuffed animal.

Sandra, didn’t mind working at the fair, she found it most entertaining watching all the people around her, and talking to different people. She loved the smell of fair food lingering in the air around her. This particular fair was always fabulous to her, and she always enjoyed coming. It always gave her something to do, and make a little money on the side.

One afternoon, Sandra noticed this boy that was coming towards her, and friendly started talking to her, and decided to give it a go. At first, he seemed like he could not hit a broad side of a barn, but he never gave up. Sandra, being entertained with all this couldn’t help thinking he was very charming, quite cute. Trying to not entertain these thoughts she was having, she played it cool. Laughing, because he just kept playing, then finally on the last turn he hit all of the cans down.

He picked his prize, a large stuffed brown bear with a red bow. As she reached up with a pole to grab the stuffed animal down, and perceived to hand it to the boy, he turned and gave it to her, and said, ” this is for you”. ” I saw you from a far, and wanted to meet you.” Sandra, became flushed, and started blushing. She has never had someone be this bold towards her. She didn’t know how to take it, but found him very interesting. He asked her when she got off work, that he would like to take her on some rides, and have some fun. Sandra, felt a little strange, but excited at the same time and agreed to go with him. She thought to herself, ” yes, I can use a little entertainment in my life”.


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