Getting Tripped Up:

Getting Tripped Up:

When your mind gets into some confusion, and you find it difficult to stay on task. What my spiritual father advised me is to simply say to myself, “stop, reset normal, go.” This is helpful especially if your opponent or obstacles get in your way, and something or someone is trying to trip you up and make you look bad, or simply just have a lot your dealing with.

Some one told me when your highly stressed to focus on your daily tasks, and get done what you know your supposed to and you can only be doing right.

Mapping out a strategy; focus on the end goals. If something isn’t working right, revisit the situation and attempt to make it more successful the next time.

It can be little steps or big steps, just don’t give up to achieve your dreams.

Strategies for stress:


Breathe deeply and let it out slowly; you want your abdomen to protrude outwardly.



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