The Magical Musical Stream:

The Magical Musical Stream:

In my dreams I see a lovely crystal stream.

I hear the whispers in the breeze through all the trees, with the sound of music that dazzles my heart.

A quartet of players coming from the stream, aggregating together performing a perfect harmony.

Marching with the beat of the drums, and the strumming of the guitar’s, flutes surrounding in the whispering wind, and many other musical instruments that seemed to be coming out from underneath the moving magical stream.

A beautifully rhythmic sound bouncing off the moving waters with the moonlight reflecting down upon the waters. With each musical note there appeared a colorful glistening effect of florescent lights.

As I watched in my dream I could see how the water and music were in unison with each other; dancing through the night. A sensational feeling of bliss came upon me that was inviting, and placed me into some sort of hypnotic trance that swayed me away into another realm of solace.

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