Screwed or Skewed:

Daily word prompt Skewed

Her views of him were skewed after learning that he was married. He had been lying to her this whole time. She thought this was a man that she could spend the rest of her life with. He was charming,and he always knew the right things to say to her to melt her heart. She felt like a fool, so angry and hurt. He was just playing her all along. When she met him, she didn’t have much desire to even go out with him. She was very busy in her life with running her own business. She had her own knick knack shop, and it took up much of her time. When she wasn’t running the store, she was managing the book keeping, and working on the strategy of her business, and how she could make it more successful. Although, the business was not doing bad,and she contributed this with it being in a good location. Overall, she was pleased with the direction it was going.

She never felt so bad in her life as she felt at this particular moment; when she found out this bad news, she was getting very infatuated with this man who just recently came into her life. He also had children as well, she was devastated. She found out from a friend that lived near him after learning of him from her, It clicked who this person was, So the both of them decided to see if it was the same man they were referring to, They went to where he lived and varified that it was indeed him they were talking about.

Of course, when she confronted him he tried to make up a story that they are separated, but because of the kids he is still living there. She thought, ” such crap ” because she just witnessed him kissing his wife good bye when he was leaving the house. Although, hurt, and heart broken, feeling mostly humiliated she wasn’t going to let him destroy her confidenence in herself. She told him to stay out of her life and never come back to her store ever again, and if he did she would tell his wife. “Hit the road Jack and never come back.”


This story is based on fictional literature.

2 thoughts on “Screwed or Skewed:

  1. Nice story! Although it could happen in real life. We don’t really know how to find out who’s the best partner for us.


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