Izzy the cat: 

Izzy was adopted by Ann; Izzy was dropped off at a car wash venturing out for the first time leaving her mama and siblings behind, but she saw Ann and it was love at first sight. Izzy being curious in nature, and a brave cat at that she took to Ann right off the bat, and Ann took her under her wing.

Izzy and Ann drove away in a SUV. Izzy crawled up on Ann’s shoulder as they drove down the road, navigating to the place where she calls home.

Papa did not know Ann was bringing a new kitten home, but grew to love her as his own.

As kittens come, Izzy is lots of fun. Izzy likes to hide, jump, and play. Izzy and Ann have fun all day. Izzy does not go outside by herself because wild animals might just make her a kitty ghost.

Izzy likes to venture outside, it is a big world for Izzy with acres of green grass to roam, and she feels so lucky that this is her home. She has big tall trees to climb, leaves to pounce on, bugs to chase and rabbits to try and chase, but can’t quite get in her reach because she is attached to a leash.

Izzy does not give Ann much time to be left alone, she sits and meows, and meows to go outside to see what she can do; when Ann grabs that leash Izzy knows what this means, and she is so excited to see what ventures shell encounter for the day.

“I can run and jump and play says Izzy, just like my two sister’s who are dog’s.” I swat their tails and run away.” “I sneak and drink their water, and smile and giggle as I am doing.” ” I am Izzy the cat, and Ann sometimes calls me a brat, but loves me at that.” ” Ann sometimes has to leave me, and as I watch her go I am sad and all alone, but then I look around and go to town jumping on the bed, roughing up the pillows, and chew on the blankets.” ” I gaze out the window, and wait, so I can get my vittles and have my Ann back.” ” I am Izzy the cat.”

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