Life can be challenging you take the good you take the bad, and it can be sad. That is the facts of life. Changes have begun, catastrophes are on the run. Spiritual awakening’s to be sung. Prophecies unraveling as we are not done.

Take heed and beware of of the new, and don’t be subdue by the deceptions foretold in the holy book as were told.

Nations will rise against nations. Wars will continue, and when piece is announced, look out because here comes destruction. Don’t let your candles burn out the flame, and put on your spiritual armour for whatever comes your way.

Its not just flesh and blood we fight, but the principalities that surround us daily. Strengthen and be renewed spiritually, stand steady, for vengeance is the Lords. Keep an open mind, and be observant for what unfolds. No one knows the time or hour as it is told, so be ready because this too shall pass. Keep the faith and hold on to the promises that a wait.

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