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Screwed or Skewed:

Daily word prompt Skewed

Her views of him were skewed after learning that he was married. He had been lying to her this whole time. She thought this was a man that she could spend the rest of her life with. He was charming,and he always knew the right things to say to her to melt her heart. She felt like a fool, so angry and hurt. He was just playing her all along. When she met him, she didn’t have much desire to even go out with him. She was very busy in her life with running her own business. She had her own knick knack shop, and it took up much of her time. When she wasn’t running the store, she was managing the book keeping, and working on the strategy of her business, and how she could make it more successful. Although, the business was not doing bad,and she contributed this with it being in a good location. Overall, she was pleased with the direction it was going.

She never felt so bad in her life as she felt at this particular moment; when she found out this bad news, she was getting very infatuated with this man who just recently came into her life. He also had children as well, she was devastated. She found out from a friend that lived near him after learning of him from her, It clicked who this person was, So the both of them decided to see if it was the same man they were referring to, They went to where he lived and varified that it was indeed him they were talking about.

Of course, when she confronted him he tried to make up a story that they are separated, but because of the kids he is still living there. She thought, ” such crap ” because she just witnessed him kissing his wife good bye when he was leaving the house. Although, hurt, and heart broken, feeling mostly humiliated she wasn’t going to let him destroy her confidenence in herself. She told him to stay out of her life and never come back to her store ever again, and if he did she would tell his wife. “Hit the road Jack and never come back.”


This story is based on fictional literature.


Manic Mike messes around mimicking to himself all day long while hitting his mallet on a monkeys head until it is dead. Manic Mike is quite messed up in the head and should be locked up instead and put on plenty of meds. Manic Mike has never been much-loved by others. His mannerism in life is not much desired either. Manic Mike membranes are minimum. Manic Mike can’t stop hitting whatever gets in his way with his mallet. Manic Mike has a mean-streak and is very mischievous.Manic Mike might as well mallet himself, but instead he checks into a mental health facility and receives three square meals a day, and all the medical help he needs as long as he agrees to part with his mallet, take his meds, and listen to his mother.







just begun and so not fully formed or developed; rudimentary.

“a still inchoate democracy”
Daily word prompt:

Late Bloomer:
Life is when you grow up and your youth is robbed from you; you then start processing it in your mind of the events that had taken place and why. You wonder if you were pre-picked to endure such things and how you even survived.

Then, your paths are changed, based on your choices, and it starts to slow down, physically, and mentally. The moment your born you start to die, which is a part of life. Stages we all go through, some faster than others. Some are just less fortunate and inchoate slower; rather it be physiologically, or mentally, we all inchoate at our own pace, and time.

It’s how we handle and accept the things that come our way, whether it be good or bad. From time to time we can all use a helping hand, and should not be a shamed to ask.

Some goals or events happen quickly, and some take time to inchoate, some just never happen. Some individuals achieve what they want much later in life, and these individuals are called “Late Bloomers”.

Proverbs 3:5-6 New International Version (NIV)

5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
6 in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight.


Cautionary Tales:

A cautionary tale is a tale told in folklore, to warn its listener of a danger. There are three essential parts to a cautionary tale, though they can be introduced in a large variety of ways. First, a taboo or prohibition is stated: some act, location, or thing is said to be dangerous. Then, the narrative itself is told: someone disregarded the warning and performed the forbidden act. Finally, the violator comes to an unpleasant fate, which is frequently related in expansive and grisly detail.

Famous warning stories:

The ride of Paul Revere, and fictional story of Ichabod Crane in Sleepy Hollow.

Presently, Blood moons have also been thought to have spiritual significance and to be part of prophecies. Some also believe they have special significance in relation to Israel.

Wars, rumors of wars this is noted from the Christian bible; no matter what the future will be;


Take heed warning most of all, and try and be good to others. (God’s warning)

It is not what goes into the mouth of a man that defiles and dishonors him, but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles and dishonors him.(Mathew 15:1).

The Magical Musical Stream:

The Magical Musical Stream:

In my dreams I see a lovely crystal stream.

I hear the whispers in the breeze through all the trees, with the sound of music that dazzles my heart.

A quartet of players coming from the stream, aggregating together performing a perfect harmony.

Marching with the beat of the drums, and the strumming of the guitar’s, flutes surrounding in the whispering wind, and many other musical instruments that seemed to be coming out from underneath the moving magical stream.

A beautifully rhythmic sound bouncing off the moving waters with the moonlight reflecting down upon the waters. With each musical note there appeared a colorful glistening effect of florescent lights.

As I watched in my dream I could see how the water and music were in unison with each other; dancing through the night. A sensational feeling of bliss came upon me that was inviting, and placed me into some sort of hypnotic trance that swayed me away into another realm of solace.

Room to Grow:

When I was younger, I meander away in my mind quite often. This was my way of escape. Being a troubled youth, dealing with abuse probably contributed to this. Most of my inter thoughts and day dreams were about being a hero. It has subsided since, but in addition, I always had obsessive thoughts that I got lost in. Maybe this was about acceptance by others. However, later I learned that everyone that crosses your path is not going to always be friend you or accept you as you are, but that’s OK, as long as you accept your self. God has been good to me, and I have meandered on to a new job, with room to grow. You can make it if you were physically abused, sexually abuse. That part of your life does not define who you are.


There Is No Room Or Time For Biasness.

There is No Room or Time for Bias Behavior’s:

Congress needs to congregate together; for any action to take place for the good of the people. Congress needs to put their differences aside, and not use their own political parties as a stumbling block. On the other hand, because of different views there will always be some sort of strife. These people are voted in “For the people by the people”. (Noted by The US Constitution).They work for the American people.

“We must hang together, gentlemen…else, we shall most assuredly hang separately.” — Benjamin Franklin, 1776.

Some of the Founding Fathers originally most concerned about these “factions” had actually helped to bring them about. George Washington lamented that political party wrangling “agitates the community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms, kindles the animosity of one part against another.” As long as this continues, action is hindered to fix what is going on in the world today, and the perilous times will continually get worse. Common scense solutions will continue to cease and not be delivered. All aspects of the best researchers, professionals, and reliable resources need to take be on board for action now. Do we wait for another mass murder to occur among our children, institutions and so forth? ” Heaven forbid, not!” The people of America demand action, and not bias opinions!



He compromised to her surprise. Indignantly, he thought things through before he left her site and later they will reunite again, when the time is right and things between them settled down. They got in a fight, and said things they didn’t mean. Overwhelmed with much to do, she became annoyed with his lack of motivation he has given towards any of it. He became defensive and rude and made a myriad of excuses why he could not do these things that are in desperate need of attention.

His procrastinating nature is one of his characteristic traits not much desired by her. When mentioned to him about when these things will get done, being more talk than action at this point.

He takes it like she is nagging at him, and becomes defensive. With the lack of motivation he possesses leaves her disappointed. Promises, plans, without much demand, but never seems to get whats in need to successfully bring about.

Time is of essence when change is on the horizon, and it’s just around the corner. Certainly, things will need to be set in place in preparation for it before it happens. Perhaps in due time a more compromising world between them will pickup and these much needed tasks at hand will be completed, and behind them someday, once in for all.

With the same goals in mind, just not happening too fast, and running out of time. Without laboured efforts, one cant expect too much change anytime soon.